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An oak tree down by the river.

Betula pendula


I love how these three birch (birches?) catch the afternoon sunlight in winter.

More building

Another building project begins!

Shed building

Back to blip after a few weeks without getting the camera out much.

Various developments mean that I’ll be doing a lot of building over the next few months so prepare for many shots of timber and tools.

Ben and I have been working on the shed at the back of the house for the last couple of days. We put the doors on today. They are made from recycled aluminium from the old mobile home that we dismantled last year. It was very satisfying creating new things from old.

Roundhouse in the morning

Did the early run to the school bus this morning and wished I’d taken the camera with me as the dawn over the village was spectacular.

When I got home I ran up the hill to the roundhouse to see if the light was still the same. I’d pretty much missed it, but there was still a pinkish glow on the roundhouse. This is now the pony’s winter shelter. They love it and will be going in later today as gales and rain are forecast.

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