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Month: February 2012


Obligatory pet memento.

Greenhoe in the snow

I’ve been inspired by earthdreamer’s winter tree blips. We live in a beautiful place but there is a dearth of mature trees.

By coincidence, on the day earthdreamer arrived in Ireland R & I arrived in the UK to visit family. This is the garden at Mum and Dad’s and they have some great trees nearby! It’s wonderfully crisp and snowy here; couldn’t be more different to West Cork.

Castle in the sun

This is a much photographed landmark around these parts. It’s a restored castle that belongs to an actor. It’s not something I’d normally pick out to take a blip of but I was giving Ruth a lift to Brown Envelope seeds and the low winter sun was catching the castle beautifully.

An unusual day for me as I drove to Cork for a meeting. The traffic and bad road surfaces were great reminders of why I rarely venture beyond the village.

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