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Month: November 2011 (page 1 of 2)


We get a lot of grey days here in West Cork. Especially in November. I might live in a beautiful place, but taking a photo a day outside is going to be challenging.

My home office has big windows which helps but on days like today some extra brightness is needed. The light fittings I have are GU10 spots which normally take energy hungry halogens. I tried compact fluorescents but they’re not good in this format. Fortunately LEDs are now getting cost effective and bright enough. I got these off eBay for £3 each. They’re 3watts and give about 400 lumens each. The warm white versions give a spectrum that’s quite pleasant without any warm-up time. Recommended!

River Bandon in spate

This is a different shot to the strange thing I put on Blipfoto… a reminder of the journey to Kinsale today.

Good gourd

Ruth grows these decorative bottle gourds. When dried you can cut them in half and use them as scoops for dried foods. We have a couple in use for scooping out the chicken food. If you don’t cut them in half you can use them as rattles as the seeds shake inside.

Cheval ride with Patrick

Our neighbour Patrick loves to go out enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful West Cork. He likes to gather films and photos of local events but he’s getting older and managing all the digital paraphernalia isn’t easy so I went with him today to capture some film and shots of a local ‘cheval ride’.

The shot above was taken outside the Arundel pub in Ahakista looking out across Dunmanus bay.

Patrick Cheval Ride

Cockerel number 3

One of our hens sat on some eggs this summer. Five hatched. Unfortunately three turned out to be cockerels. We keep chickens for eggs and not to be woken up at 5am by ‘cockadoodledoing’! The boys also bully the girls and take most of the food. Then hens are Isaac’s project and has agreed that the three cockerels are to be turned into a chicken casserole.

This is the best looking of the three. I thought I’d capture a portrait of him on his last day.

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